Z670 core board, easy customization
  • Z670 core board, easy customization


Product Features:

◆ The board Intel Atom Z670 / 1.5G

◆ integrated graphics chip GMA600 / 200Hz / LVDS + HDMI output

◆ support DDR2 800, onboard memory, not afraid of vibration, the maximum capacity of 2G

◆ multiple USB interface, can support 3G, WIFI. And other external interfaces.

◆ support 100M adaptive network card, RJ45 interface,

◆ 2 serial ports (can be extended to 6 serial ports), a SATA IDE interface,

◆ support EC control power management, support AD / DC, GPIO, matrix matrix disk

◆ support a single power supply, low power consumption. The overall power consumption can be <5W

◆ height <= 4.6mm, suitable for Tablet PC


software support:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000, Wince DOS, Linux, Unix, MeeGo

  Expansion board introduction:

Interface introduction

SATA X1, USB X4, 3G interface, LVDS interface, HDMI interface, SDIO interface, RS232X2.

  cooperation method:

★ can provide all the interface board design information.

★ custom interface board for customers to debug, until the completion of the sample.

★ special users can provide the core board OPEN BOM way.